Peace of mind:
Get your license in a clean safe environment. We follow strict COVID-19 cleanliness and safety protocols with our instructors, our facility and our vehicles.

Important Testing Information

What We Need to Test You & Other Important Stuff(must be the originals) Under 18 Under 18 18 & over 18 & over
Test in Your Car Test in Our Car Test in Your Car Test in Our Car
Valid learner’s permit ~ it can’t be expired & the eligibility date must be in the past
Valid Driver’s License of Person bringing you to the Test Center ~ person must be 21 years old
Parent or Guardian -OR- a Notarized Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C) (see forms section)    
Valid registration for the test vehicle ~ the information on the registration has to match the test vehicle    

Valid proof of insurance for the test vehicle

  • Acceptable documents: Insurance Card, Declaration Page, Insurance Binder, or an application of Insurance to PA Auto Insurance Plan
  • It cannot be expired & the information on the document must match the test vehicle
  • If the documents have any driver restrictions noted – please bring additional proof of coverage
Valid safety inspection & emission sticker for the test vehicle    
“I didn’t pass previous exams, but I’m ready to re-test!” You can re-schedule a driver’s examination …
Do the math:  if you’re under 18 & failed the test January 1st, you can re-test on January 9th
7 days after failure 7 days after failure 2 days after failure 2 days after failure
“I failed 3 previous exams.”  We’re sorry, apply for a new learner’s permit & consider our driving lessons 😊        


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